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What is Reflexology?

The process of reflexology involves focusing pressure on the feet and hands. In reflexology, areas on the feet and hands correspond to organs and parts of the body via the nervous system. For example, a place on the right side of your foot corresponds with your shoulder and arm, whereas an area on the arch of your feet corresponds with your kidneys, liver, and pancreas. At Natural Balance, we use various techniques to massage and apply pressure to the feet to improve circulation, detoxify the body, and relieve stress.

How Reflexology can help

Areas Reflexology can help

Reflexes are areas on the feet that the Reflexologist will provide treatment to, which are linked to other areas of your body and nervous system. Applying pressure to the hands, feet & ears can help your well-being.

Some people advise that the following treatment, they feel lower levels of anxiety and calmer.

What others are saying...

Often called zone therapy, reflexology is an alternative medicine that few people understand. The name ‘Zone Therapy’ comes from the system of zones and reflexes found on your hands, feet, and ears. Physical aspects of the body are claimed to be helped by these systems of zones and reflex areas. Currently, there is no evidence to support the effectiveness of this treatment.

Had reflexology with Emily today. Wonderful, very relaxing. Highly recommended. Many thanks. Jo

Jo - Verified Natural Balance Customer

Reflexology FAQs

Your ailment or condition, your age, and what you are hoping to achieve will determine how many treatments you need.

It is recommended that you schedule two weeks apart or even weekly sessions if you are working on a specific health issue, then every month as a maintenance program.

One session a month is recommended for relaxing and promoting health.

Ultimately, it is up to you to determine how often you would like to receive treatments. You might do it once per week, once per month, or even once per year.

Our Reflexology treatments are provided by our Beauty Therapist, Emily. All reflexology treatments are done at our Salon in Hinckley, Leicestershire. You can get directions on our Contact Us page.

Reflexology promotes self-healing and balances the body.

The benefits are felt during and after the first treatment for most people.

In contrast, you may not notice any improvement in your well-being until a few treatments have been completed.

At Feet First Reflexology Bluntisham reflexology treatments last one hour.

The cost is £45 for a standard 60 minute treatment. You can opt to extend your reflexology to 90 minutes. 90 minute sessions are charged at £55.

Reflexology is completely safe and beneficial during pregnancy. Reflexologists at Natural Balance are fully trained and competent at providing treatments during pregnancy.

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Reflexology in Hinckley

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